duct tape and a pizza box

i was talking to a friend on the phone the other day and she was laughing at all the odds and ends that i create to make up for a need i have around the house but am unable or unwilling to spend money on something. she said i should share these things on my blog. i do this so often, i guess it just never occurred to me to share these little things, but i think i'll take her up on her suggestion just in case someone else would benefit from or enjoy my silly ideas.

i needed something to block the back door open so the wind-tunnel in my house wouldn't suck the door shut. the standard would be one of those rubber triangle thingies (sometimes referred to as a door-stop) to put under the door. i didn't have one or the ability to run to the store and get one. i also didn't have anything heavy enough that wouldn't block the entire doorway that would work, so i sat down to make myself a door stop out of what i had on hand...a pizza box and some duct tape.

i also had some cheetah duct tape left over from my Bible recovery project and decided that would be more chic than silver since it was going to be visible to anyone visiting my humble abode.

below are the pics of the progression of start to finished project.

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