power tools and me

today, i used a circular saw...and a jigsaw...and a power drill (okay i've used this one before), but the point is i used power tools and my husband wasn't even home.   this is pretty incredible for me.  really!!

 been dying to better organize this storage area in our breezeway and i did it all by myself...ok i had elves (children) picking up screws as i dropped them the dozen or so times each it takes to actually get them drilled into the shelves, but mostly by myself.

this area is the "tween" station on the way to everything else. on the way to the garage or the freezer room where other things belong and people (everyone but me) think that if there's a clean spot on these shelves that they don't have to actually take it all the way back to where it belongs. this would take another 45 seconds of their precious time and possibly another 50 steps or so. i know...it's a lot to ask.

this photo was taken after everyone has been piling their junk on it all winter (actually i think i've cleaned it once since winter).

these were taken after i got the shelf installed. i chose not to clean or move anything until i was finished.

and tah dah....these were taken after i cleaned and place things on the new shelf that i built. oh did i mention...i BUILT A SHELF!!!

now, you might notice my stones over on the left two pictures back. i just thought i'd share what those are actually setting in. the photos below are of how i constructed a stone holder out of ordinary ANTIQUE items laying about the house.

those are canning jar rings attached with zip ties to keep the one side elevated to prevent the round stones from rolling onto the floor.

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mgirl said...

That looks great! Organization makes me happy, too. I <3 the stone holder you made! Creativity wins again! :D It's always nice to have hubby do these jobs for me, but also really nice to know I can do much of it myself. My latest is putting up screws and nails to hang my cast iron skillets and woks on the wall above my stove.

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