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haven't really been a very consistent blogger. been doing some renovations and realized, i actually used to write about my life a bit. have been thinking it might be a good idea to get back into that groove. blogging started out for me a way to interact with friends. this was the time before facebook - wow! a friend told me about Xanga and i had a handful of friends, we read about each other's lives and as a bonus, we got a record to check back on and remember stuff.

i'm not really a very interesting person but i do find very interesting some of the older things in my blogging archive. today, i do most of my keeping up with friends on facebook or via cell phone or some other such mobile device - got my first cell phone for my last anniversary (2011)--but i think i'll revisit my blog a bit more and see if i can find that groove again.

this week in summary: sinus infection all week; boy had bronchitis but weathered it well. missed church last week, but am intending to make it tomorrow. hubs and the kids are scheduled to sing in the evening service with grandpa and the cousins. overall, not much happened beyond the normal grind. couldn't muster the energy to do more than exist. drank 4 gallons of mullein tea and still need a couple more i fear before all of the congestion is gone. i just praise God it wasn't any worse. it was draining and somewhat lingering, but it was an easy illness for the most part.

still need to get groceries this evening--that means a late supper. working on a new android (cell phone) application called toMarket (i think) for keeping and managing my shopping list. it's pretty cool - stores and sorts all items according to stores and individual store isles. i was using a paper shopping list of the "checklist" sort. i got the idea from jill on facebook. i really liked it, but was just a little unwilling to use up the paper and printer ink. this list works about the same way, but it's all digital and it's portable and i don't even need a pen to check the items off as i go.

had a lovely conversation with a lady friend from welltellme. she is now a llama farmer. how fun is that? welltellme has been good to me over the years. i've collected a few friends. can't wait until i have the funds and ability to travel around and hug them all in person.

not much else to report.

~be blessed

be blessed.

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mgirl said...

I'm trying to get into the blogging groove as well. We can encourage one another!

disclaimer:  caution must be taken when reading my blog.  i'm a new creature and the Lord continues to mold and shape me through his will.  older entries may seem to contradict the newer ones.  there's a pretty good chance that they do for two reasons.  first, because of my nature, as i strive for perfection, i will continue to fall short of the mark and should therefore be thankful for his grace and should seek his (and your) forgiveness for having been so foolish in the past.   second, i continue to grow in him; and as changes are made, i have made attempts to change my blog to reflect those changes. in this event, please refer to #1.   if you're interested in perfection, my blog isn't the place to be.  pick up a king james bible (yup, i'm one of THOSE people) and read his PERFECT word.