kitty dolls


i can't stop laughing at these pictures. this kitten doesn't like me. won't sit in my lap, won't allow me to pet or cuddle her but is the first to holler at me at feeding time. i take all of this in stride, because she is not my cat. i adopted her from the local animal shelter for my precious (hahahahaha) 11 yo daughter to love and take care of. this seemingly unfriendly and haughty kitten just adores (or tolerates) my daughter with the utmost grace. although i am somewhat miffed that this kitten just will not have anything to do with me - after all - i AM the one who feeds her (and decided to allow her to live in MY house.) and animals LOVE me (or so i thought until SHE came along), i am pleased, that she bonded so well with my daughter.

the other compensation for this cat's obvious lack of taste in human companionship (meaning me), is the things that my daughter can do with this cat because of it's obvious love of this very creative young girl. the proof is below. check out the photos and laugh with me.


is she gone? time to run.

ok, ok, i'll sit still, but i WON'T like it.

are you DONE yet?

this dress is so heavy. ugh.

yeah, i'm cute. DUH. what's your point?

can you BELIEVE THIS? look at this cat. yes, i can't help but "AWWWW" with the rest of you, but i'm still laughing. buwahahahaha. this is what you get when you don't make an ally of "the mom."

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