pride makes me clumsy

listening to Otto Koning AGAIN! i need to listen to this guy at least once a month. he reminds me in every message to give it ALL to God!


i was reflecting on my life, my job and my position as "mom" and how they all work together. sometimes i look at how healthy my kids are and i think to myself "see, i was right," but what i often forget is that i wasn't right, i was just in the right place, even when i didn't know it. God has always been the RIGHT one. he's the one that told me to do this job. He's the one who gives me the resources to care for my family and offer advice on health, herbs and nutrition. He's the one who made my children healthy. He's the one who brings wisdom and healing to those i touch through my job. He did all of these things, only because i was obedient.

i'm not tooting my horn here, because obedience is not my strong point. often i obey, not just because "He said so" but because of the gift of intelligence that God "blessed" me with. i see the problem. i use my talents and my intelligence to weigh the research and the available information and THEN i act. WOW! how great of a mom am "i"? aren't i just "big stuff" in the natural health world.

i just THANK JESUS, that He knows that my heart is in the right place, even when my head is not. He gives me enough grace, that when i choose to obey conditionally, He STILL, even then, gives me the blessings in spite of my arrogance and pride.

my kids still get sick occasionally and sometimes the advice i share doesn't work and i wonder what i did wrong. why aren't they healthy now? why aren't "my" treatments working this time, when they always worked before? well, even though i often forget, this week i was reminded. they weren't healed before because i gave them garlic or good advice. they were healed because i obeyed. the times they are not healed, i'm sure is because i forgot to give God the glory for my obedience.

man, this is a hard lesson to learn and even after learning, hard to make it stick.

it's all in His hands. it's all in His GLORY. i am only a keeper of His children, the vessel of His wisdom and if i obey, He will use me to serve others to His glory.

i love you all, not because i'm good, but because He made me good!


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