suicide by (friendly) dinasour

this was too good not to share...

i overheard my son talking to my daughter. he told her, his little army man ate two whole elephants. i asked him why his man would eat two whole elephants and the rest went something like this

son: because he was super hungry after being inside a dinosaur for 12 days.
me: 12 whole days?
son: i mean, 12 whole months and 2 days.
me: 12 whole months? how did he stay alive without food for 12 whole months?
son: he took food with him.
me: he took 12 whole months worth of food into a dinosaur with him?
son: i mean 11 whole months.
me: he took 11 whole months worth of food with him? that's alot of food. what did he carry it in?
son: a suitcase.
me: he took 11 whole months of food in a suitcase with him into a dinosaur? how come the dinosaur didn't chew him into pieces?
son: because the dinosaur was a friend of his.
me: (laughing) okay, so the man is friends with the dinosaur and the dinosaur ate him? why?
son: because the man didn't want to live.
me: (trying hard not to die laughing at this point.) so what you're telling me is that this man, wanted to commit suicide by being eaten by a a dinosaur that didn't chew him up. not only that but the man took enough food with him to feed him for nearly a year. why would he take food with him if he wanted to die?
son (with daughter in background in unison): in case he changed his mind.

of course...what else?

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