new shoes

hubs bought me the neatest (i'm gonna say it) "thongs" (the things you wear on your feet.) about 8+ years ago. they were THE perfect shoes. they were comfy and fit well and they were made well. i wore them for several years and repaired the inside soles by cutting to fit and gluing insoles on them to make them last a bit longer. i'd have to say, they WERE my favorite pair of shoes EVER!

they finally broke and i've been searching for a pair to replace them. i've been looking for about 2 years and have settled for cheap flip flops in the mean time, but just haven't found the pair i really wanted, until TODAY.

i found the best shoes while hubs took me out garage sale-ing. they are comfy, ALL leather, sewn not glued, and they are stylish. i just love them and the best part? they appear as tho they've never been worn and they were only $3.


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