i love garage sales

i took some pics of my favorite finds at the local city-wide garage sale this, last weekend.
(click to enlarge photos...for a better view)

a cute little tank for my SIL - her hubs loves his bikes!
25 cents

a new dress for...dressup...DUH! i love to dress up. $3

a scarf (head/neck wrap). don't know what i'll use it for, but it' gorgeous. 30 cents

my new favorite shoes. $3

a cute little pink, winter muffler. that's my daughter snuffaluffagus. 25 cents

an umbrella hat for my son. (
snuffaluffagus broke his spiderman umbrella. this is the replacement) he's very happy with it! 25 cents

i also got a eureka electric broom/dustbuster thingy (for the kids), a stars and stripes fishing cap (new), an icetray (i collect these), 2 baseball batting helmets, 2 puzzles, 2 pairs of pants for hubs, 4 new glass coffee cups with little blue hearts on them, a decorator tin (for mil), 2 ties (for fil), and another shirt (autographed by local celebrity) for sil... we spent less than $25 for the entire day! i love garage sales.

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mgirl said...

I have a scarf very much like the one on the right, but just black. I used mine for some, er, creative boudoir photos for my man ;) (Let me know if you want any inspiration)

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