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The Eagles Anger Fans With $2000 Ticket Price Print E-mail
Friday, 12 October 2007 21:41

eagles.jpgStarpulse reports that veteran rockers The Eagles have outraged fans by charging almost $2,000 for tickets to a one-off gig in London. The concert, which is set to take place at the o2 arena on October 31, is a corporate hospitality-only performance, which has inflated ticket prices.

Front-row tickets for the gig cost over $1,900, while prices started at $948. However, the show's promoters insist Eagles merchandise, a meal, and full hospitality are included in the ticket price.

The remaining tickets in a smaller part of the arena will be distributed to competition winners, record label employees and press, according to London's Evening Standard.

The band - which split in 1980 - is one of the most successful recording acts of all time.

I got a good laugh over this article. HAHAHAHA! GET REAL...I mean are you kidding me? Why are they angry? ...because they (the fans) didn't think of it first? When you provide a product that's in demand, you can charge whatever you like. If the product doesn't sell, then obviously the demand won't support the price. It's called economics. LOL

...and to think about some more, if it were me and I was old but still like to perform for an audience, I would prefer 50 rich quiet folks @$2000 to 2000 maniacal fans @$50 (same profit either way)...maybe they lowered the demand on purpose. hee hee. i'm still laughing. people are funny!!!!!!

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