the kids and i made 8 quarts of grape juice today which we will later turn into jelly
and 1.5 quarts of tomato juice (it was all the tomatoes we had :). we rendered more lard (10 quarts). that was enough to fill up my large crock pot (5 quarts) and my big 8 quart roasting pan in the oven. canned 4.5 quarts of applesauce and made up 4 more quarts to cook down into butter. doesn't seem like much, but when you're working on an electric stove and two of the burners (the large ones) don't work...well...you get the picture.

thanks to the gift i so generously bought myself (i really had to talk myself into it - LOL) my grape juice and applesauce was a breeze. I think if you do applesauce, tomato sauce of any shape or form and/or grape juice/jelly and a number of other veggie keeping, you would be in heaven using this little gadget if you've never had one before. BEST $45 i ever spent.

i'm wore slick. my muscles ache and my feet hurt and i tried to cut my big toe off by dropping my butcher knife, but i had a terrific day and feel so accomplished (i've never made apple sauce/butter or tomato juice before).

blessings to all this night.


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brockleesgirl said...

I am so inspired I think I may get up the courage to try canning for the first time this year. Any tips now that you're a pro?

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