Ever seen one of these? I've got one and I've been spending alot of time in it lately. I'm having problems with my neck and rotator cuff (related) again and i have to stretch everything a few minutes a day to get the muscles to quit squeezing my nerves. interesting and useful little gadget. mine cost me about $18.00 and it's pretty easy to set up, and even easier if you have a friend who can lift 20 lbs to hold up the weight (water bag) while you get your head situated. if this is something you want or need, you can get them at most medical supply stores (the places where you buy crutches, nebulizers & walkers bars for your home).

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Em said...

I'm thinking that my luck, one of my kids would come by and try to swing on the weight and jerk my head right off!

We're all about that sort of equipment! Ours is an inversion table. Mark has a problem w/ his vetabrae herniating and pinching his sciatic nerve. He's been hanging upside down like a bat for weeks now!

Hope you're feeling better soon.


ohhollyf said...

That EMm is so funny.

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