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i'm having toooooo much fun fixin' and changin' my blog template. kinda trying to learn (as i go) how to code xml and css a bit here and there. like the leaf dividers? i made them myself. some day i'll be smart enough to design a template from scratch, but it will probably have to wait until the dishes get done.

i shared the info i just learned about how to add the divider lines with a friend (check out potter's wheel and see her cool divider) and decided to post it for everyone else who might be interested.

i got my info from this site, but i'll be a bit more detailed in explaining if i can.

first, you need to go to your blogger dashboard and select "Layout". from there, click on "Edit HTML". you'll see a scrolling text box in the middle of the page with a bunch of gobbledeegook called XML. notice the little check box "Expand Widget Templates". make sure this box has a check in it before you begin. most "experts" recommend that you download a copy of your template before you start "just in case" you mess something up. i usually don't, but i like living on the edge. LOL

scroll down and find some code:

according to the above website:

Example 1:

however, i was unable to find this exact code in my template. i found instead something that looked more like this, but it appeared to be the place to put it considering the variable names matched, so i took a chance and it worked.

3 remarks: on "blogger fun"

Whiterock said...

Oo! Oo! I like this one! Keep this one!

I want to figure out how to add little strawberry icons to my blog one day.


DesertSpring said...

Oooooh! PRETTY pretty! I likee *wink*

Joyful Mama said...

Thank you sooo much for putting this up.....I have been trying to figure this whole thing out!!!!!!!!!!

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