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My son caught something and had a round of diarrhea first thing in the morning 2 days ago. I gave him 1 oz of commerical kefir mixed with 1 oz of milk to make it more drinkable and 1 Tummy Tuneup Original Blend - NO MORE diarrhea. This could have been a fluke; however, yesterday, I got hit with the same thing, but I wasn't at home and had no TT with me. I took some of my friend's acidophilus (unknown brand) and things continued to worsen. I spent the bulk of my visit in her bathroom. I had terrible intestinal cramps. I hadn't eaten much, so I decided to try eating supper and things continued to worsen. My friend made me some tummy tea and things calmed enough for me to make the looooong one hour trip home. By the time I reached my house, I thought I was going to die. I ran for the bathroom and grabbed a bowl to take with me. Vomitting and diarrhea. Exhausting. After I was sure that there would be no more throwing up, I took some Tummy Tuneup and had a 1/2 cup of tummy tea. I was able to sleep and things began to calm. I woke at 3am and had to go to the bathroom once more and took 2 more Tummy Tuneup and by this morning all is back to normal. I'm just recovering from achy and weak musles, but I'm able to eat, no bathroom trips and no more nausea.

I thought I would share this so that if any of you are looking for a product for intestinal problems of any kind, I would highly recommend you get you some of this. It's helpful with parasitic type infections, systemic yeast, ecoli, food poisoning and just about anything else you can think of that is gastro-intestinal related. I don't stand to make any money if you buy some, I just wanted to share because it's such a great product. If you want to meet some more people who have benefited from this and other Beeyoutiful products, come visit us at welltellme.com. This is a health forum that I moderate for. It's a large group of women (and some men) just like you. They homeschool, they public school, they church and they don't church, but what they all have in common is their desire to keep their families healthy and learn new ways to keep them that way. Come see us. ;)

Recipe for Tummy Tea
2-4 tsp red raspberry leaf
2-4 tsp peppermint leaf
2-4 tsp catnip (food grade)

Steep in pan of water, strain and add enough water to make one quart. Serve hot or cold for aches, pains, tummy aches, cramps, naseau, car sickness, motion sickness and/or morning sickness. This stuff works pretty well for most situations.


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