none of your beeswax

Well...I've been pretty inconsistent with my blogging, but today I harvested some of my beeswax. What a job! I filled a quart and 1/2 pot and produced about 1/4 cup of usable wax. Next, I have to find something to store my unrefined wax in. I have about 5 plastic grocery sacks full of wax/comb. Then I have to decide which recipe I want to try first. I probably need to melt more wax for a couple of my recipes, but from what I understand, it doesn't take much to harden an oil based mixture.

First on my list is deodorant and something called "love butter". The love butter is supposed to be a great moisturizer and non-toxic .

I'm so busy working on the forum these days, I barely have time to be a wife and mommy much less get on here and say something inspirational or wise and I've never been much at writing memoirs. I tried keeping a diary when I was younger. The best I could do was to list all the guys that I had kissed (or wanted to) . Not much for keeping track of daily events. HAHAHA. Anyway, I really would love any of you who like to visit my blog, to come and see the forum. It's a great forum. I was member 34 back in April '06 and now we have over 1000 members. It's growing by leaps and bounds not only in persons, but in health info and wisdom and I've even made a handful of friends that I can chat with on the phone and who knows, maybe even visit someday. I've also made a couple of friends who actually live within a few miles of my house. It's a lot of fun, and tons of helpful info for raising a happy and healthy family. Come see us when you can. Visit or join, it's up to you and for now it's free and except for a couple of ads for their sister sight "Beeyoutiful.com" and another site owned by a sibling "bulkherbstore.com" it's ad free - no yucky pop-ups or advertisements.


Be blessed.

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