sinus infection for my birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. It wasn't the best birthday I ever had because I'm fighting a sinus infection, but on the good side, all this new healthy learning stuff I'm doing has paid off. This is probably the least debilitating sinus infection I've had in a good long while. Been eating lots of raw garlic, much to my husbands discomfort *snicker*. I smell like a walking garlic bulb, but in spite of this hubby gave me a hands massage for my birthday. I looove that. It's so relaxing. He also let me sleep in - yeah!

Anyway, it's cold and flu season yet again and I thought I would let everyone know where I've learned and shared everything about staying healthy and avoiding illness. Come visit us at welltellme.com. When I joined the forum we had 34 members. Today, we have 1090 members. The benefits of such a large community sharing everything they know about health and natural living all at your fingertips. Hope to see you there.

Be blessed.

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