Xanga Archives 01/26/2006

Project fun with my kids tonight. Here's what we did.

  • Fill cake or other flat pan with plain white non-scented shaving cream.
  • Dot with food coloring of choice.
  • Use a fork to pull colors through as if marbling a cake.
  • Gently lay paper on shaving cream and color and press until color begins to show through paper
(I used 20 lb printer paper).
  • Pull paper off and lay flat on table.
  • Scrape excess shaving cream from paper and/or wipe clean with a dry rag.
  • Allow paper to dry and press if desired.

Caution: avoid excess moisture in your shaving cream, color, paper or on your
hands, or your marbling will tend to smudge and/or smear.

I am not recommending this, as it may damage your printer heads, but
I used our printer to create the picture below to hang on the wall using
the paper the kids made.

You now have marbled stationary for letters or greeting cards. Enjoy.

God Bless

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