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Fleas are still chewing on my ankles as of yesterday, so I did some research on the internet and found that salt might be deadly to fleas. Salt!! Of all things, it's cheap and it's non-toxic for the kids and cats. If you get a little on you, the worst it will do is tickle or dry your skin a bit.

I don't know how effective it will be, but I generously sprinkled the carpet last night and decided to leave it for a day or two and then vacuum it up. This sight also recommended putting salt in the vacuum bag to ensure that you kill the fleas you suck up.

Also going to buy some brewer's yeast for the cats. I used to feed it to my cat as a teen and it seemed to work, so I'll have to get some this weekend.

I've decided I want a dehydrator for Christmas/Birthday instead of a ring. Hee hee. That's the way with me. I'd love to have a ring, but can't seem to throw caution to the wind and spend the dough it takes to put one on my finger. A dehydrator would actually be an investment. I like dried herbs and homemade beef jerky. I also found in research that growing pepperment, basil and sage in my yard may go a long way to repel flies, fleas and ants! So I can grow, repel and then dry the herbs. I think I'll try and grow a raspberry bush too. Red raspberry leaf tea is so good for what ails a woman "now and again" *wink*. (It also said a sprig of basil in your fruit bowl would go a long way to prevent fruit flies!) If you're interested in more of this amazing information check out this web site or do some searches on "herbs/plants to repel".

I'll let you know how the salt works. So far, no new bites on my feet or ankles, but they are so chewed up already it will be a few days before I know for sure.

Everyone have a blessed day.

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