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I am currently listening to a series on marriage from my dad's Sunday school class. I've been downloading them in MP3 format from the internet for the last 3 months. I've been studying up on the correct roles of marriage for about 3 years through various sorces in order to overcome some "leftovers" from my childhood and it's lack of correct examples for what a marriage should look like and this series is the most amazing I've ever heard on marriage .

The series is oddly titled, "Two Ticks and No Dog". The pastor chose this title to represent a husband and wife who continually try to have their needs met by one another rather than God. This leaves them "starving" to have their needs met properly just like a tick who doesn't have a dog to sustain it. Sounds a bit "gross", but I assure you, these messages are awesome. If you've ever felt like your marriage would be happier if your spouse would just change this behavior... or change the way he/she does this...or change the way he/she meets your needs, then this one is definately for you.

I have so enjoyed and benefited from these messages and my husband has even mentioned how impressed he is with the change in my countenance these last few months. (These are for couples and my husband and I are going through them together, but since he works and I don't, I've kind of jumped ahead).

I've uploaded the sermons to my personal web space so that I might share them with you. I've also provided the notes (PDF) to help you follow along or preview before you listen. (if you're worried about file sharing and it's legality, be aware I downloaded these from a church in Kansas City that made them freely available and they are NOT copyrighted material).

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