more bathroom stuff


well...almost. still have to finish some very minute things like a bit of trim work behind the toilet, but my big project is DONE! i wanted so badly for the last 6 years to do something nice with this shelf. i keep finding myself wandering into the bathroom admiring how wonderful it all turned out. what a blessing to have something that looks so beautiful and didn't break the bank.

i took an old painted shelf crafted out an old bay window in long past history and tiled it with the same vinyl squares that we put on the floor. i then picked some darker-than-white paint to trim around it and the rest of the bathroom. the pictures should pretty much speak for themselves, so have a gander below.



2 remarks: on "more bathroom stuff"

mgirl said...

Yay! It looks really nice! And your towels are folded properly, too. :)

Melissa from the Blue House said...

LOVE it! That looks really nice.

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