bathroom bliss

i feel so truly blessed, because hubs got me a new toilet and a new floor in the bathroom.

we've managed to bust 4 toilet seats, because they never really fit the toilet right. the bolt came loose from the floor and while we were saving to fix it, you'd have to be careful not to tip the toilet over when you sat down. the loose bolt was also contributing to a slow leak out into the lower layers of the floor that later became apparent when a dip and a stain began to appear in the linoleum. anyway, as we tore out the old floor we found layers and layers of yuck and old flooring. i was so worried that this leak would have eaten through the main flooring but because of all the layers on top, there was only a very small place where the moisture might have eaten it's way through.

YAY! ripping off seven layers of ugly linoleum and bad patchwork flooring was back breaking but it was so worth it. There were 5 layers of lineolum and in between some of them we found some cheap plywood and several shims to level it out here and there. under all of this mess, just above the floor, we found 1/4 inch thick cardboard flooring tiles. we replaced this mess with 3/4 inch flooring plywood and there was still room to build it back up in some places.

in spite of all the hard work, the hardest part was doing without water and a toilet for about 9 hours or so.  we turned the water off at around 2pm after we got the floor out around the toilet.  then we got the floor built up under the new flange, the toilet installed and the water turned back on around 11.  hubs was so hungry (hadn't eaten all day) and tired, he sat down for supper and i had to take a shower with no bathroom door - hahaha.  we found we had to remove the door to put in the new floor board.

it was funny, because during a run to the store and a public restroom, my daughter asked me, how much longer.  i told her, "well, the hardest part is finished, except for the part where you are putting everything back together and you cuss because something doesn't fit."  not having taken on any such project, she looked at me funny and asked, "what, something doesn't fit?" 

then later, when we had to shave the floor board several times, then remove the door, then finally conceded to cut the floor in half to make it fit around trim and door frames and the existing sink vanity, it became more clear.

hubs was so beat after all of this, i suggested we play hookie from church so he could rest up for work.  he conceeded.  we finished the floor sunday afternoon after moaning and groaning on the couch for several hours (man, are we getting old or what?).

but it's all finished.  i keep walking into the bathroom and just walking around and admiring our work.  i'm just thrilled beyond words!   i used to dread cleaning the bathroom because of the rusty bolts underneath the toilet, the cruddy caulk around the back of the floor and other such problems that come with old stuff. the floor looks so clean, you could eat off it. i'm just giddy at knowing that cleaning the bottom of and behind the toilet will now be a breeze. below you can see a bit of the work we went through and some of the finished product. we have not trimmed or painted the trim but the major part of the job is finished.


layers, and layers, and more layers.

the white part is the kick board so you can see how high the floor was.

lookie lookie, there's the very bottom.

all our good helpers.

what a mess.

new flooring. 

look how strong how hubs is.  the bolt holding the tank was so rusty, he had to muscle it off.  he broke it.  my superhero.

and my new throne.  fit for a queen.

my new, clean corner.  yippee!

no slam lid.  how cool is THAT?

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mgirl said...

Yay! I would be thrilled, too! And I just don't understand how people can just keep piling layer upon layer of flooring. Well, most people are probably only putting down a single new layer, but why not remove the old stuff first??

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