new curtains (and i made them)

trying to get hubby motivated to let me spruce up the house a bit. i'm not quite a "pro" decorator, so i thought i'd practice on the ugly little laundry/utility room. i intend to get this sanded and painted soon, but i had to wait to get paint. i also intend to put up some utility shelves to help me to organize better.

meanwhile, i already had fabric that had been given to me some years ago stashed in the closet, just waiting to become some useful creation.

my laundry room is functional but ugly. i don't mind, but when i have company, i like to close it off. after getting a new back door, we needed to remove the laundry room door because there wasn't room to keep the two doors open at the same time. we just decided to take it off the hinges. so, first, i decided to make a curtain for the doorway. after digging through, my material, i found i had enough to do this and make a matching curtain for the ugly window.

the ugly room...

notice the lack of floor space (basement door on the floor)

above and behind the washer and dryer

wall opposite the washer and dryer and there's a fridge to the right of the bench

new door curtain--the hall in front is too small to get a good wide angle shot

top in detail

this is significant because this room is unlevel. it's off by 1.6 inches from one side of the door to the other. i measured the curtain to make this unnoticeable.

inside top hem

inside bottom hem

camera hog

view with new door curtain (notice the fridge? the bench is right behind it.)

ugly window

new window curtain

new curtain tied back

view from outside of both curtains

tune in next time to see...a valance for the dining room...

2 remarks: on "new curtains (and i made them)"

mgirl said...

Looks great! It's amazing how little things like that can make such a big difference. And I'm very impressed with your hems, both top and bottom!

~healthybratt said...

thanks. you're very kind.

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