cabinet catastrophe

having some problems with my cabinets. they are old and as you can see from some of the pics, the drawer is beyond help. i am also a bit lazy sometimes trying to stack, unstack and restack things to make the best of the available space. just thought i would share "fixing" my pots and pans cabinet with you.




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mgirl said...

It is always a wonderful thing to have order and functionality once again in the kitchen! Mine is a mess once again, for several reasons. Started packing up b/c we thought we were leaving, but then we didn't, so I still have a bunch of stuff that I'm now using out of boxes b/c I haven't put them back. And then i started ripping up the carpeting in the kitchen and, unfortunately, it's not a nice floor underneath, so I still have a LOT of work to do.

~healthybratt said...

yup, i know how that goes. you should have seen my house yesterday. i had to take the house apart to get my new bed in it (king size). and then i had to put it all back together, BUT meanwhile, we had to tromp around over the mess because i had contractors in and out of the house all day long...*sigh*

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