crochet frenzy continued...

designed a new pattern. going crazy with it. my prototype (the pretty gray ones) were designed to be a birthday gift for someone very special. after that, they just started pouring out one pair after another. these are really fun and easy to make and it's very easy to make size adjustments on the fly.

this pair was made with a very soft yarn, i found at walmart. it's a bit pricier than regular red heart, but it only takes about 3 or 4 oz to make one pair. you could make hat to match. i actually made a mobius cowl/scarf to match this one and it took about 12 or 13 oz for the set.

this pair was another specialty yarn. also very soft but doesn't cling as well. still very warm and cozy.

the next two pair were a lot of fun and were made with plain ol' regular worsted weight red heart. easy but you have to guage the pattern down a bit for the thickness of the yarn.

the thumb hole is very flexible and you barely notice it's there. always a plus.

this pair, i got a bit carried away. i wanted them to be fun so they go clear up over the elbows. go greenbay?!?

i'm not very good at writing up patterns, but if there's any interest, i'll give it a shot.

it's a basic chain 34 for small yarn or 32 for thick yarn/or child's size.

then i did front/back post stitches around for 4 to 5 rows, joining and turning at the end of each row.

then i started doing regular double crochet around. the first row make no decreases. decrease one time each row for the next 10 rows (unless you want a shorter sleeve - adjust as needed). to keep the decreases even: glove(1), double crochet 10, decrease, double crochet around (this number will decrease one each row). glove(2) reverse this by subtracting one each time (the first will be either 20 or 22 depending on whether you started with 32 or 34), decrease, double crochet 10. join and turn. at this point, you should be at your smallest width (wrist size).

depending on the length and stripe patterns i added 1 to 3 more rows of regular double crochet. join and turn.

do one more row of double crochet but do not join. chain 3 and turn. double crochet front/back post stitches around 3 to 4 rows. do not join any of these rows. always chain 3 and turn.

on the last row, chain one and single crochet around the thumb hole (these are the 4 to 5 rows you didn't join.)

once at the top, join and chain 1.

single crochet around the top. slip stitch in the next 2 stitches and tie off.

done. :D

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