polite dinner conversation

daughter says the word "fart" and then snickers. the rest of the conversation went something like this...

son: stop that!

mom: why?

son: she's pretending to fart on me.

mom: so?

son: she's pretending it's funny.

mom: well it is funny (daughter snickering some more.), and besides, you do it for real and think it's funny.

son: well, only 4 times.

mom: see?

daughter: yeah, but you fart and don't even know it and you're stinky.

son: yeah, but she's done it maybe like 2 million times.

mom: i don't think she's old enough to have said "fart" 2 million times.

daughter: uh huh.

mom: i think it would probably take you about 20 years to pull that off.

daughter: not if you went non-stop.

mom: *sigh*

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Jill said...

Awfully glad there are families like ours out there, that partake in edifying conversation at the table.

I'm all good with it. We just have to remind them "not when company is here."

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