garlic toast....mmmmm

i almost always burn the garlic bread and i get so bummed, i just don't try very many recipes, but i got brave again today and i made the BEST garlic toast i've ever had. (tootin' my own horn? you betcha!)

it was pretty easy too. the only reason i usually mess it up is because i'm always doing about 40 things at one time and watching a broiler for 2 minute intervals doesn't usually blend well with multi-tasking.

anyway here's the recipe.

6 homemade wholewheat hamburger buns
(recipe on previous entry)
6-8 T butter softened
2 medium cloves fresh garlic peeled
1/2 tsp Italian seasoning
1/8 tsp black pepper
pinch salt (unless using salted butter)

mix all ingredients except buns in a mini-chopper (or you could pre-mince the garlic and blend the mixture with a fork). spread mixture generously over the insides of each part of the buns. place on stone face up and cook at 2nd from top rack on low-broil (electric) for about 4-7 minutes. watch very closely as some may brown faster than others, in which case, slide the stone out and flip them and allow the others to finish browning. i kept the oven light on and checked at 2 minute intervals. all in all, it took approx 6 minutes with the insides face up and about 4 minutes with the outsides face up. remove from stone and serve. sooooo, yummy!

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