children's honesty is painful

conversation between 5yo son and mom featuring dad:

son: what's that mom?
mom: concealer.
son: what are those red dots on your face mom?
mom: pimples.
son: wow, that stuff is magic. it makes the red dots disappear.
mom: yup. it's concealer.
son: what's concealer?
mom: it's makeup that "conceals" or covers up or hides things.
son: (hestitating) mom, maybe you should use this all the time, so that you (hesitating, looking for the right words) don't always look a little bit ugly.
mom: (rolling eyes) dear, did you hear what your son said?
dad: no
mom: (repeats entire interplay to dad)
dad: BOY! we need to talk.

2 remarks: on "children's honesty is painful"

ohhollyf said...

LOL he'll get the hang of it !

brockleesgirl said...

This was SO funny! And so very like something one of mine would say.... ours usually has something to do with something or other being fat...then one of the kids would add "like mama" and then one would respond, "Yeah but she had all those kids...".

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