another herbal concoction

this stuff is my newest concoction for drinking in the evening or anytime i don't want coffee...it's sweet & yummy

3 T catnip
3 T oatstraw
4 T orange peel
3 tsp unprocessed stevia herb
30-36 whole cloves
1 gallon water

for 1-2 cups, use about 1/2 teaspoon of catnip, oatstraw and stevia, 3/4 teaspoon orange peel, and 2-3 cloves...enjoy!

if you want to use processed stevia, leave out this measurement and sweeten to taste after the tea is made. i'm sure it will work fine, but i really enjoy the more natural flavor that the raw herb provides.

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mgirl said...

When I first read through this, I was thinking, "Cloves? What kind of tea is she making? What is the point of adding stevia to GARLIC??" Then it hit me: cloves. Just plain cloves. Duh. :P

~healthybratt said...


...been there, done that.

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