April 2007 - I began having severe neck and shoulder pain. Throughout the next 8 weeks I would take high doses of narcotic pain killers (darvocet & vicodin) while the docs figured out what was wrong with me. At the end of May it was determined I had a neck injury and needed physical therapy. After 2 visits with the PT, I was able to stop taking the meds. Much to my alarm the narcotics had been busy doing their nasty work on the rest of my body and I began to break out in hives for no apparent reason.

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The attacks were severe enough that I was having to go to the doctor and the emergency room to be medicated to prevent further problems and alleviate the infernal itching. At one point, every lymph node in my head and neck swelled up hard while the rest of me was covered in one big hive. I had to go the ER to get pumped full of something that made me feel like I'd drank about 47 pots of coffee in about 5 minutes.

After several rounds of prednisone and prednisalone given by my regular doc with no good results, I was sent to an allergist. This allergist with 45 years of experience under his belt told me that I had dermographism. Dermographism by definition is the ability to write on one's skin (dermo meaning-skin and graph - meaning-write). It's cause is supposedly unknown, but it's a reaction by the histamine cells in the skin (dermal layer) that is triggered by blunt trauma (scratching and abrasion).

The doc said that my only recourse was to take antihistamines until the condition healed on it's own or until I died--whichever came first. What a great thing to look forward to.

Over the next two and half years I took the dreaded antihistamines. Meanwhile I developed candidasis (again) along with several other problems that are often associated with long term use of pharmaceutacals (insomnia, fatigue, moodiness, lack of energy, chemical sensitivity, etc.). I had searched around and as far as I could tell, there were no answers to be had. After much prayer and way too much time, a friend told me about a cleanse she was doing that was helping her severe digestive and allergenic issues. I did some research on the formulas she was using and decided to give them a try.

I did a 10 day bowel cleanse and much to my surprise, after 2.5 long years, I was able to quit taking the antihistamines. Unfortunately, this was also not without consequences. As with any medication of this nature, I suffered from withdrawal from the meds. The irony to this is that the withdrawal symptoms were so similar to the symptoms that the meds were supposed to control, so for several weeks I was unsure if the cleanse had actually worked. Desparate to believe I had done the right thing, I asked around and another friend told me to take calcium and magnesium supplements to encourage my nervous system to heal itself. After a few weeks of this and waiting for the effects of the meds to wear off, I was convinced that I was on the right track. Over the next couple of months the symptoms were nearly gone but I decided to do one more round with the cleanse.

I did 10 more days on this cleanse and am following up with strong probiotics to recolonize my poor (but clean) gut. It's been a long time since I've felt this good. It seems over the last 14 years my health has been in and out and up and down, but I suspect I've found the summit. Lord willing...I won't stumble across another injury or major health issue that I won't be able to conquer with my new wisdom about herbs, diet, health and my own body.

A friend also did the cleanse with me the first time and was cured of his life long eczema. He is 34 years old and has never been "itch free". He was also very happy with this cleanse.

Neither of us works for the company, nor will we receive any compensation from the company if you ever decide to try their products, but considering the nature of our conditions and how severe and unpleasant they WERE, I felt it prudent and necessary to share the information with anyone else out there that might benefit.

If you want more info on how to get this cleanse or more testimonials on the product, visit the website herbdoc.com.

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