i never buy clothes

this is both a blessing and a burden. so many generous people give us the clothing we always need--so much so--i hardly ever have to purchase clothes. we've probably spent $100 on clothes in the last 10 years. no kidding! this is wonderful blessing.

the problem lies in that i can't get rid of clothes. i don't have any problems giving away things that are too small for my children, but even if their drawers are crammed to over-flowing, i can't part with the items they don't really need.

if i gain/lose weight, i can't part with an item (or 12) that might fit if i fluctuate the other way and i now have so many clothes, i can't find places for them all.

i've decided i'm going to weed them out. someone else can use them and i'm tired of looking at them. i tell myself this everytime i get a new batch, but i never throw out the amount i take in and the piles grow and grow and grow.

if you have a mind to, pray that i will have the wisdom and the ability to rid myself of unneeded belongings. as silly as this sounds, it's really a struggle for me. i hate to waste and i hate to think that tomorrow when we need it most, that i might have previously thrown it out. i really need to overcome this weakness and just live knowing, that God will always provide what we need tomorrow as well as today. He has shown us over and over, just by the fact that "i never buy clothes".

blessings all. it's going to be a long weekend. *wink*

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ohhollyf said...

I struggle w/ this too, what if tommrow I need it?
My hubby reminds me that god won't let his children beg:)

Melissa said...

Ugh, this is SO ME. Every time I open my kids' closets I feel this pang of..... something. :) Wastefulness, greed? I don't know. Their closets are stuffed to overflowing but I can't seem to only keep what we can realistically use. "Stuff" has overtaken me, for sure.

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