technical difficulties

i'm currently attempting to find a better template for my blog. as you may know, this means that many of the shortcuts that i have previously installed have to be done over. sorry for any inconvenience, but i'm afraid my blog may be somewhat crippled for a short time.

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NasEr said...

well i hassled with the bloody theme until it was done,asked many friends to try to fix the code for me,eventually one of them did it,he "hard coded" the "time stamp" don't ask me wut that means or how its done,and also fixed many minor mistakes and sent it to me all over again.so I'm really sorry i can't help much.and if u noticed all the dates are set to Jul 22nd so i'm not sure if it was even fully fixed :/
but i figured out how to make the word "undefined" go away , go to edit Template -> HTML ,press ctrl+f (find) look for the word "date" ,u'll find this part ".content .date {font:normal 24px/47px Georgia;" change "24px/47px" to 0px/0px and it'll be gone !easy ha ? :)good luck.

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