We are trying to identify a bird from our yard that I'm sure is a variety of chickadee but we can't narrow down which one. Our little visitor very closely resembles the guy in picture, but our specimin has more pronounced sideburns (black hooks near ears) and has a white liner just in front over or over the eyes. Ours has an almost spade shaped bib attached to a beard, so he has a charcoal and black pattern than runs from the breast all the way up to his cap. help...we've tried whatbird.com and I'm sure by the varieties they've posted, we definately have a chickadee but we can't decide which one.

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mgirl said...

I'm looking in my National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds. The only chickadee with white above the eye is the Mountain chickadee, but I don't think they live where you are? The only other bird I see that it might be is a Black-throated sparrow, but again, not in your area. Then again, these are birds, which means they can fly where they want, right? ;) Don't know if that helps or not!

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