we are gamers

Since I met him, hubby has always had an affinity for epic questing type games. he found one we could play together and it's been loads of fun. he even bought me a makeover for my character, so I could look different (and MUCH cuter) than the other 40,000+ characters running around in the game. As silly as it may sound for a couple of grown parents to be playing a game designed for the average teenager, it's been loads of fun for me and him to have something we can enjoy doing together. It's been such a blast, I decided to take pictures of our cyber questing.

Here's a couple of them. Aren't we tough?

And yes, I DO look this good in real life. *wink* In fact, this picture looks just like me. Hubby is a very blessed man!

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Equipe PolĂ­tico Onesto said...

zelda is fantastic.

Very good blog!!!

See you!!! =)

Anonymous said...

I love it!! My husband and I spent so much of our "friendship-building" time gaming before we ever dated. Now, married almost 6 years, we still game together! Imagination is a perfect medium for bonding one to another.

So what game is this that you play? Is it online or on your computer?

Enjoying your blog!
Kate (maceoghain on WTM)

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