blogging help?

Getting help from an expert on how to change some code on my blog.

This is a screen shot of all the links and things on my blog using yesterday's post. The red arrow indicates space in the post section that was not inserted by me, but formatted in the code somehow.

Here is a mock screen shot of how I'd like column 3 to look.

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Peter Chen said...

Hi Healthy Bratt,

I see you are a staunch Christian. Then you cannot be a misfit. How can you call a child of God a misfit?

Thanks for further commenting in my post New Blogger templates (xml). I have responded to your comment.

May the Good Lord bless you and your family.

Peter (is there such a thing as a stay at home Christian?)
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Peter Chen said...

Hi Healthy Bratt,

Thanks for leaving a comment in my post New Blogger templates (xml). I have responded to your comment.

Plus any suggestions of what else to add to the Blogger FAQ?

Peter Blog*Star
Blogger FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions_
(Blogger FAQ in progress. More will be added as I have the time)

Peter Chen said...

Hi Healthy Bratt,

This is almost like Instant Messaging. Check my response at New Blogger templates, mostly 3 columns.

Peter @ enviromanBlog*Star
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