fun in the sun

That's not chocolate on your face son. Put your tongue back in your mouth.

You cannot defeat me in my impenetrable fortress.

5 remarks: on "fun in the sun"

Mom, Mommy, Mama said...

ha ha - that pic of your little boy is too funny! so, maybe that could be your next WTM avatar. You could show off more than just your eye but smear mud - or chocolate - or something all over your face to disguise yourself :)

beenblessed said...

Oh my goodness! There's an element of trepidation when the thought to ask HOW he became so incredibly covered in 'not chocolate'! LOL Until now, I didn't quite understand the concept of having a 'mud room'!!!

Moore Family said...

MMMMMMM.....but mud can be sooooo tasty. :)


joyfulmom said...

Just gettin' my daily dose of natural probiotics, Mom! ;)

barcak flock said...

That is a hilarious pic of your little knight! Boys are just so different, praise God!

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