Xanga Archives 04/26/2005

We found another house. Time is tight to get it offered and accepted and closed, but we're hoping.

I don't have a picture this time, but I'll try to describe it. It is much older, but much bigger than the previous offer we made (and much cheaper).

It's 1500 sq ft total living area. One car garage. The interesting thing
about the garage, is that it looks to me as if the slab under it
extends far enough under the breezeway attatched to the house, that
you could put a bigger door in the garage and park 2 cars in it. (not
sure, obviously, I'm not a carpenter, but I can see it in my head :)

It's an old square victorian built in 1900. 2 full stories and attic
with floors and access stairs. The garage is built behind the house
turned sideways and there is a very long breezeway which attatches a
mudroom behind the kitchen, encloses the "outside" basement entrance
and attatches to the garage, giving us 2 extra rooms for deepfreeze
and washer/dryer. the downstairs is one bedroom beside the kitchen.
full dining room beside the bathroom and living room beside bannister
stairs with closet underneath. There are 2 bedrooms upstairs, but it
appears the master is actually 2 bedrooms that have had the dividing
wall torn out, as there are 2 closets and 2 hallway doors. It's in
excellent condition. The carpet is modern and clean, but not new.
It's probably been rewired as their are extra outlets plus ground(I
think) and several phone jacks as well.

About the only drawback is that the garage is one car and we have to
buy a new stove. We have an electric stove and the kitchen is not wired for
it. Only has gas hookup. May have to hook stove to dryer hookup
until we can replace it. hahaha.

I wish I had a picture, cuz it looks to me like a house out of a horror movie. Kinda spooky on the outside. Very tall and ominous looking.

My entries are thinning and may stop completely more towards moving day. We may not order internet right away, due to extra costs for moving. Moving day is May 14th.

Everyone have a blessed day.

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