wouldn't you like to know?

I thought for awhile about what to title my blog. I finally decided on "Wouldn't You Like to Know?"

I hope to be inspired to have something of more value to share soon. Hope to see you then.

NOTE: You may notice that there are several posts dated prior to this one. This was actually my first post in Blogger, but I noticed how versatile this blog site is and decided to move all of my older blogs over from Xanga. Blogger has a nice feature which allowed me to backdate and therefore keep everything in it's original order. Way to go GOOGLE.

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disclaimer:  caution must be taken when reading my blog.  i'm a new creature and the Lord continues to mold and shape me through his will.  older entries may seem to contradict the newer ones.  there's a pretty good chance that they do for two reasons.  first, because of my nature, as i strive for perfection, i will continue to fall short of the mark and should therefore be thankful for his grace and should seek his (and your) forgiveness for having been so foolish in the past.   second, i continue to grow in him; and as changes are made, i have made attempts to change my blog to reflect those changes. in this event, please refer to #1.   if you're interested in perfection, my blog isn't the place to be.  pick up a king james bible (yup, i'm one of THOSE people) and read his PERFECT word.