i'm gonna need help today.

Today has already started a bit rough. My husband, bless his heart, knew I would be tired this morning and shorted himself on sleep today in order that I might sleep in this morning. I was so thankful for this, but unfortunately, this only took the "edge" off my morning. I woke up with a splitting headache and a general fog lying overhead. I had no milk in the fridge for my coffee and nothing to feed my kids for breakfast. *sigh*

Hubby was already tired and trying to wind down for bed-time, so he was less than thrilled with running off to the store to get milk at a moment's notice while clad in pajamas. Although, I was less than thrilled with his suggestion of getting milk before work, I understood. If I'd have remembered it was St. Patrick's Day, I might have considered a wee bit o'Irish Creme in my Coffee. That might have fixed everything.

Then we had a slight altercation, most likely my fault and I decided I wasn't going to make through the morning, much less the entire day without coffee (and I just can't drink it black - what a mood buster), so off to the store I went. I barely got hubby's car started - it's a delicate old girl (like me). Then I pull out and realize I didn't get any cash, so I attempt to turn around (in a yacht) and I start rolling backwards in "DRIVE". Keep in mind, it's drizzling and yucky outside which didn't improve my mood at all. I finally get the transmission to do what it's told and I pull into the side road to back up and I roll forward in "REVERSE". AAACK. Again, I ease the old girl into forward motion at my discretion (not hers) and I almost hit a woman driving by me. I decide at this point that turning around could prove to be disastrous. Then I remember, I have a $5 in my purse so on to the store I go.

I get there and have trouble deciding what to get, but finally get through it without much of a hitch. The ladies even gave me animal crackers and balloons for my kids. Yippee.

So home I go and I can't get the door open without setting down the milk and I nearly dropped it. I didn't want to set it on the ground because it was muddy all around the door and my head is still pounding and I don't want to make a second trip out to the car.

I decide to give the kids their animal crackers for breakfast (great mom, ain't I?) and hubby vetos it for one of the kids because of something that happened while I was gone. My surprise was crushed and I didn't hesitate to let my husband know that he had failed me in this respect. So onto the second altercation of the morning. My head is pounding harder. Yeeeech. I lay down and sulk and rest on the couch and hubby comes over and apologizes and works on my back. He is such a dear sweet man and I softened. Then hubby went into the bathroom to get ready for bed. I tried to poke my head in the door to get a hug and he shut the door on my head (he thought the kids were trying to walk in on him and apparently he was "exposed" LOL). Then I'm a bit stunned and can't remember what I wanted and when hubby tries to get me to answer, I just stand there a bit dumbfounded.

Then I walk back to the couch and lay down to sulk again. Then I lay on the couch a bit longer and asked God to get me through this day, cuz I just knew I'd never make it alone.

Then I look up and tell hubby, I just came into the bathroom to tell you "I need you". He seemed not to understand and I was unable to explain it further. It's so weird, how when I feel like this, all of my collegiate level vocabulary and articulation skills just fly right out the window. I need to learn to grunt better. He gets up to go to bed and I muster myself back off the couch and wander over to stand in front of him and look exceptionally pitiful and needy hoping he will read my mind--a truly difficult task at best and nearly impossible when my internal reasoning is broken. He was probably reading something like this--blah, whine, hurt, aaaaach, hug, love you, yuck, the cat needs water. No wonder he didn't know what I wanted. I FINALLY manage to articulate "I need a hug". Hubby was kind enough to accommodate....ahhhh a little better.

Well, it's lunchtime and I still have a headache, but the most amazing thing. Hubby went to bed happy (we made up). I got to eat a fresh blueberry muffin made by the finest bakers that our local grocery store has to offer. The kids are being extremely good and quiet and the phone hasn't rung all morning and I even had a nice "quiet" chat with a good friend on the messenger this morning. God is good.

(I think I'll have another muffin.)

One of my favorite verses...seemed appropriate.

And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight.
~1 John 3:22

Here's another good one.

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
~Matthew 11:28

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brockleesgirl said...

Overhaul on your blog already? I like it though...just a surprise when I stopped by again! Sorry about your rough day the other day, Man - I know what that is like! Thanks for the link to my blog - I put yours on mine too. Have a great afternoon/evening!
-littlemama24 from WTM

Melissa said...

Just wanted to say hey! I stumbled on you by accident, from another blog. I've had one of those rough, multi-altercation days, myself! Thank goodness for coffee; it does make everything better. Hope you have a happy Easter.
Melissa aka Texas Girl from WTM

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