fast food nation



This book a little difficult to read in the first chapters as they tend to remind me of old text books from highschool filled with history and facts that don't seem to affect me, but I trudged on. I'm very grateful that I did. Once you begin to realize how these mundane somewhat trivial facts begin to turn into corporate deception, lack of humanity and a threat to our very way of life, your eyes will open and you'll begin to understand the need for everyone to be made aware of these atrocities against Americans and other cultures around the world. We spend our days backseat driving our politicians and football players while something we take for granted is quietly taking control of our diet and stealing our health from us while we pay them to do it.

If you have ever eaten a hamburger or a french fry and you can read, you shouldn't go another day of your life with blinders on. READ THIS BOOK. It may save your life and the lives of your grandchildren someday.

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