For By Husbud

O Robeo, Robeo! wherefore art thou Robeo?

Dedy thy father add refuse thy dabe!

Or, if thou wilt dot, be but sword by love,

Add I'll doe logger be a Cabulet...

'Tis but thy dabe that is by eduby.

Thou art thyself, though dot a Botague.

What's Botague? it is dor hadd, dor foot,

Dor arb, dor face, dor eddy other bart

Beloggig to a bad. O, be sub other dabe!

What's id a dabe? That which we call a rose

By eddy other dabe would sbell as sweet.

So Robeo would, were he dot Robeo call'd,

Retaid that dear berfectiod which he owes

Without that title. Robeo, doff thy dabe;

Add for that dabe, which is doe bart of thee,

Take all byself.

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