homemade rattle for baby birthday

I made a homemade rattle for my daughter years ago but had forgotten about it. I was recently invited to a birthday party for a one-year old and am a little strapped for cash. Hubby finally suggested that I make another rattle like I had made for our kids. I thought it was a great idea and then decided to share.

First thing to do is find a clear jar that is not too flimsy. The very first one I made, I used a personal sized Minute Maid jar from a convenience store. This time it was a parsley jar from Walmart.

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To remove the label, soak in hot water and peel. If you have a stubborn piece that won't come off, I recommend Skin-so-Soft by Avon or another thin oil and a paper towel. You may have to wash the oil off once you are finished.

Then you take some ordinary rice and some food coloring. Put a couple of spoonfuls in a small bowl and a few drops of food coloring (about 6-10 drops). Stir until all rice is coated and then lay out on a papertowel or paper plate until the color is all dry.

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Once the rice and the jar are clean. Put the rice in the jar and glue the lid on. Use something like epoxy or JB Weld or Monkey Glue. Super Glue most likely won't hold. Elmer's Glue All might work, but will most likely eventually break under the forceful hands of a determined toddler.

Your finished product will look something like this.



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