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Henna for Hair

On my new herbal kick and I decided to dye my hair with henna. I usually bleach it blonde and the roots are beginning to show, but the dye is very harsh on my scalp and it usually takes two weeks to get it back to normal after I reapply. I know that hubby likes me with red hair (done it once a loooong time ago), so I decided why not. Anyway, I thought you might like to see the results.

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If you're feeling adventurous and want to try this, I got my henna in powder form from bulkherbstore.com.

I mixed about 3/4 cup of powder with enough water to make it the consistancy of mustard and then applied thoroughly. Keep in mind, it will stain the skin, so I applied a thin line of vaseline all the way around my hair line. I wore a bandana around the hairline to catch drips and wiped other drips as they occurred throughout the day. I wore it for 8 hours, but I've heard you can take it off in as little as 3. Rinse well and wash after 24 hours. Be sure and test a small strand of hair especially if you color treat or perm your hair as the results may vary due to chemical reactions with the herb. This herb has no side effects that I'm aware of and it's a natural conditioner as well.

Be blessed.

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Whiterock said...

Thanks for the info. My mom has been wanting to try this because the regular stuff isn't covering the gray anymore. How long does the color last when you use hena?

cowgal jazzy said...

I love it! I gotta order more they are having a sale tomorrow online Going to grab it.

cowgal jazzy said...

I hennaed again Thursday , made it too soupy but still did the job!
Makes my scalp feel so good! Going to use Beautiful hair before vacation
to nourished my scalp and deep condition it.

~healthybratt said...

My shower is out of commission. Tub only for awhile. I haven't used henna in weeks or months. My grey is starting to show. LOL

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