Xanga Archives 07/13/2006

I finally got my MC and was able to order my supplies online. How exciting. It was my first time. I ordered a whole bunch of stuff and got most of it in one day.

I got a bottle capper and some caps to bottle my Kombucha. It was a success. Hubby really likes it and now he drinks it instead of all those nasty energy drinks that you get from the gas station.

I also got a bunch of new herbs and some henna herb for my hair. I'm a bottle blonde and am toying with the idea of going red again, only the natural way. I would have already done it, but haven't been feeling well, so I'm waiting until I feel better.

The kids have been sick so I ordered some Eucalyptus to help with their cough and congestion and man that stuff really works. My throat felt so awful when I got up this morning but I've been inhaling this stuff all day and I might be okay tomorrow. WE'll just have to wait and see. The kids aren't coughing either but I've had them and me on a regimine of GSE and 7up for 4 days. I think that killed it (for them). They are still having some symptoms, but they seem to be getting better. I've also been going through garlic like mad for all of us. This house really stinks. Garlic and Vicks smell -- yum yum.

It was soooooo hot today. It was almost 100 degrees in the house, but by the grace of God, it rained. Not only did it rain, but it poured. Every bit of humidity is gone and we now have our redneck swimming pool back (the mud in the backyard due to all the ongoing construction this summer).

Don't know if I told you before, but because of all the upgrades around town, we got new water mains. We now have real water pressure, which we haven't had since we moved in. Before you couldn't run two faucets at the same time anywhere in the house and now you can run 3. Woowoo. It's very exciting to be able to do laundry in a 1/2 hour in stead of an hour and 1/2.

I'm having a ton of fun at my new job. I think my bosses are great and the job is so much more "useful" than my last job outside the house. I get to share information, research and what little wisdom I've acquired over the years and I'm actually appreciated for it. My last job was a prairie dog farm where beauraucracy and statistics ruled the atmosphere. You weren't allowed to have fun or like anyone. It was so impersonal. I even once got written up for sexual harassment because I was discussing having children with another woman who had just recently married and she wasn't even the one who complained. I never did figure that one out. Anyway, I love my new job and it just keeps getting better and better.

God really is good.

~be blessed

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