on my way up

I haven't actually talked to anyone lately. I've just been posting interesting research and articles, so I thought I'd let everyone know how things are going.

I've recently joined a health forum and have been researching many topics related to natural living. I've started a candida clean-up on my whole family and have recently started taking "Supermom" multivitamins. I started the anti-Candida diet about 3 weeks ago and the vitamins about a week ago when they finally arrived in the mail. I'm just a bit on the tired side because of my body detoxing, but I have triple the energy I used to have. It's been great. I even started "Sweatin' to the Oldies" with Richard Simmons every night and I'm loving it. I planted 11 berry shrubs this morning and I even fertilized them and watered them by hand. This may not sound like much, but this is the woman who mowed off every flower in my yard at my last home because I was too lazy to pull the weeds. HAHAHA. Next weekend, I'm planting herbs all the way around my house to repel insects and have my own herbal stash of tansy, peppermint, chamomile, lavender, oregano, basil, sage and spearmint. I'm also planting tomatoes (4 kinds), onions, peppers (4 kinds), carrots and maybe some garlic and ginger root. Then as soon as I can find some, I'm going to plant some tea trees as well. I have NEVER planted a garden in my life and I'm 35 years old. I am going to make hubby buy me some overalls and a big floppy straw hat to wear while I"m working in the garden so I can be sure to completely embarrass my teen daughter when her friends walk by. HAHAHAHAHA!

Anyway, I miss keeping up with everyone, but for a long time, I wasn't feeling this perky. I was doing well to keep up with the staples of life. Maybe this will be changing soon as well. Just in time for spring and summer.

All be blessed.

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disclaimer:  caution must be taken when reading my blog.  i'm a new creature and the Lord continues to mold and shape me through his will.  older entries may seem to contradict the newer ones.  there's a pretty good chance that they do for two reasons.  first, because of my nature, as i strive for perfection, i will continue to fall short of the mark and should therefore be thankful for his grace and should seek his (and your) forgiveness for having been so foolish in the past.   second, i continue to grow in him; and as changes are made, i have made attempts to change my blog to reflect those changes. in this event, please refer to #1.   if you're interested in perfection, my blog isn't the place to be.  pick up a king james bible (yup, i'm one of THOSE people) and read his PERFECT word.