busy with bad hair, new pc and lots o'kids

The streaking (of the hair) was put off indefinitely. According to hair consultants, my hair would turn pink if I tried to streak it burgundy, so I just settled for touching up my roots as light as I could get them. Good enough!

My computer took a full dive a couple of weeks ago. Did alot of research and made alot of phone calls and did everything I could think of to fix it - to no avail. We finally went to Best Buy and bought a new hard drive and installed it. After this little fiasco, I could now open a shop and build and fix computers for a living. Geeeez. The good news is no files lost. I still have everything and an extra 120 GIG to boot!

Even so, I'm so busy these days with babysitting and fixing up the new house, I don't spend alot of time on the computer and I've gotten back into a spurt of reading fiction. I read my "Help Meet" book twice already and decided to rest my brain for awhile.

Still babysitting my sister-in-law's 3 kids and I guess will continue to do so into the school year. Feed the kids, put her's to bed at 8pm, put mine to bed at 10. It's going to be crazy, but at least my winter shut in won't be boring :)

I'm not sure if I mentioned the beehive earlier, but we have one in the siding of our new house. I found an idea on the internet and we implemented it this weekend. We hung a bug zapper out the window (the hive is right between the first and second story windows) while they were less active (about 12am). Then taped the windows shut and plugged it in. It's been zapping like crazy for 2 days. Only 3 bees got into the house during this process and no stings! I'll let you know how it turns out. According to the info I found, we leave the zapper up for a while and when the workers are gone, we treat the hive. Once the queen and drones have vacated or died, we'll have to dig the hive out. I believe they are honey bees. I didn't know this before, but evidently, honey rots and will draw more bugs, or next spring it could draw a new swarm of bees. Ugh. There are people who will do this for you, but they charge and they keep the bees. Such a deal, where do I sign up?

Still have to get ready for a garage sale before summer is over. (Next weekend or never). Not sure I'm going to be able to pull it off. I guess we'll see.

Gotta get back to some noisy kids.

Everyone have a blessed day!

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