Xanga Archives 06/17/2005

I don't have a lot of time to spare these days, but I thought I would drop
in a give everyone a big hello and a small update..........

it stormed on moving day, the truck leaked and got
stuck in our front yard. dad had to pull it out with
a chain. it has rained 2 out of every 3 days since
we've moved into our new house. the temperature is
very mild. we are very busy shingling and painting
and still unpacking. i have also taken on 3 day care
children on second shift (my sis in laws kids). so I
have 6 kids from 3pm to 3am every week night. the
baby is adjusting but the move startled him quite a
bit and he was cutting a tooth right in the middle of
it all. it has been a mad house filled with so many
blessings. we do not have a stove because there is no
220 for us to plug it in, so we are using 2 electric
skillets and a microwave but I found a toaster oven at
a garage sale for $1 the first weekend we were here.
we have no long distance, been trying to get it turned
on for 3 weeks. there is no water pressure so no
showers and the water heater is ancient, so the bath
water is rusty. it is a two story house, so my legs
are sore from checking the kids, painting and
unpacking. we are all covered with bruises, paint and
cuts. it's been quite an adventure. hubby had a gall
stone attack yesterday so had to spend the day in the
hospital and in the midst of all of this, all i keep
thinking is what a cool new neighbor we got. he
helped us roof (and loaned us tools for roofing), he
mowed our grass for the first time because we couldn't
get our lawn mower out of the garage because of all
the boxes. the last two weeks have been very tiring
and very challenging. an awesome adventure upon which
to embark.

The Lord has blessed us many times over.

I hope everyone else can bask in the blessings of His
glory as we have!

Have a blessed day!

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