Xanga Archives 03/06/2005

I wanted to share my praise this morning. Praise God and all his mysteries and wonders.

My father was supposed to travel from Kansas City to visit us today, but called and had to cancel. This news was very disappointing, as I only get to see him once or twice a year; however, thanks to our precious Lord watching over him, he discovered a gas leak this morning which could have blown up his house while he was here visiting us or, worse, while he was returning home this evening. Even more interesting is that my father has been sick with seasonal asthma and has not lit any incense in his home in months due to his recent condition. A spark from a lighter would have most certainly done him in. Praise God in all His mercies!

One hour to party time :) Everything is ready. I even wore makeup today I'm going to be the hostess with the mostess. I just love to entertain.

Have a blessed day. Mine has been blessed many times over. I love my daddy so much and am so thankful he'll live to come visit another day!

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