red sock

Nothing terribly uplifting, spiritual, or wise to share today, but as I was folding and putting away a load of red laundry, it occurred to me that I separate my reds from all other colors because the red dye is so obnoxious. When you mix it with anything in the wash it will share it's "redness" with everything else in the load (even navy blue, I've learned from experience). Then if you try to rewash the affected laundry, the darndest thing is, the red just won't wash off.

I love analogies, so my mind wandered and I came up with this:

You are the garment "dyed" red in the blood of Christ. Once you get it on you, you can't get it off. Once you have been dyed (or washed) in His blood, then you can rub off onto others. Ahhh, but here's where it gets interesting. If you have washed your garment enough times, it will become faded and stop "bleeding" onto the other clothes. Backsliden Christian maybe? A garment could; however, be re-dyed and would again be just as obnoxious to the rest of the laundry once more.

(Maybe you can figure out where the "other" socks go.)

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