homeschooling is not a crime

WARNING: The following entry may contain material that may be taken personal and may be offensive to those who "fit the shoe".

This is for all the homeschool moms. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for trying to teach your children the Truth.

I just read another blog and the author felt persecuted because she homeschools her children. The worst part is, she's not the only one, because so many people can't stand the idea of anyone "showing them up" as bad parents. Homeschoolers are fighting for their children by taking them back from the world that's trying to gobble them up and spit them back out as selfish, unrestrained, irresponsible, narcissistic, foolish, arrogant, self-serving adults.

Our schools are beginning to institute things into the curriculum that would make a Christian mother cringe with fear. I have one child in the public school system for reasons that I'd rather save for another day. She is a teen and almost graduated and the things and ideas that she comes home with from her teachers just makes me gasp. I have two small ones that I intend to homeschool, if I can ever get myself prepared. Fortunately for us, my oldest has been taught enough values at home to prevent too much of the garbage from soaking in at school. I would rather she not be there at all though, because even the best taught kids put in those surroundings will come out with some negative results. You can't just throw an apple in a blender and expect nothing to happen.

So many parents are currently ranting today about putting "prayer" back in schools. Personally, I think this is a diversion. This is not for Christian parents and children at all. I think the loudest noise is coming from those who want their kids in public school, so they don't have to raise their own children. If they raise their voices high enough about putting the prayer back, maybe no one will notice that they are not doing their job as parents.

We don't need prayer in schools. Our schools don't need to teach children to pray. They should learn that from parents and they can pray at home. God never wanted us to pray for show anyway. Prayer is to commune with Him and to make requests of Him, not to show others how spiritual we can be. If we really want or need public schools to teach our children, then we need to start forcing schools to eliminate curriculum not add to it.

When the public schools were first instituted, they were designed to teach children of uneducated families the 3 R's (reading, 'riting and 'rithmatic) in order to further their opportunities to provide for their own families when they became adults. So, where does humanism fit into the three R's? Why does a child need to understand homosexuality to be able to get a job? When did birth control, STD prevention or sex education become necessary for a career path? - unless your career choice is that of a homemaker or a sex therapist -- it's not. Dealing with sexual behavior, emotions, fears and ethnic or cultural differences, belief in creation or evolution or whatever religion you prefer is the responsibility of the parents NOT the schools.

And what about evolution? Evolution can no more be proven than creation can. In fact scientists have found more physical proof of the flood in Noah's day than they can to support evolution, so why do they teach Darwin's theory in school. What about witchcraft? Ever seen "Harry Potter"? They show it for amusement in the public schools in Kansas City where my father works. One of my daughter's teachers took it upon herself to teach her students that the ancient Egyptians were descendents of aliens. Maybe this is true. I can't prove that it's not, but she can't prove that it is, so that means she has faith in her belief (no matter how ridiculous this may sound). All of these ideologies require faith in the unproven and unseen. Faith constitutes religion. So why can the schools teach these religions when they are not permitted to teach creation and/or prayer? What happened to separation of church and state?

Most people aren't really interested in the separation of church and state. They are interested in themselves. In order to perfectly serve one's self, they must remove all sources of moral obligation and/or guilt that would otherwise make them feel differently about being completely amoral (psychologists term this behavior as "perfect psychopathy"). A person cannot completely serve themselves if they believe that there is a God deserving of their service or if they believe that they may be morally obligated to serve another as to nurture a spouse or love a child.

These people are offended by your ambition to homeschool because they either don't see anything wrong with the public school system or more likely they don't want to face the truth about themselves. This would require them to take a look at their own morality and/or mortality and face the hopelessness and emptiness of their own lives before considering that what their kids are learning at school might be wrong. Some just don't care because they are so deep in self-serving behavior that they don't have time to raise their children and they want the schools to raise their children for them. They blame the schools when their children get out of control and they refuse to take any responsibility for these "monsters" they've created. They scorn homeschoolers because they feel GUILTY. They FEEL guilty because they ARE guilty. They scorn you because they want you to feel guilty in their stead. Don't you dare!

I was raised in the public school system and it was pretty bad then, but it's continually getting worse and if you've decided to take your children and jump ship, then God bless you for it. Teach your kids at home and by the time your children are old enough to need specialized training for an occupation which requires it, they should be well protected with what you've taught them at home. They can get in, get the knowledge they need and get out without a scratch.

If you have in any way become offended by reading this material, maybe you should take a step back and figure out "why?". Parents, it's time to wake up. Fight this world and take your kids back by any means you can before it's too late. By all means, change the public school system, but do it right. Don't waste your time on trivial matters which distract you from the real root of the problem. Your child's immortal soul may depend on it.

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